Local Plan Submission

The Local Plan was submitted to the Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government on 28th August 2014.

This plan will impact on Padfield and the surrounding area - including proposals for Roughfields and North Road.

More information as we receive it.

Programme Officer

The Programme Officer is Claire Sansom.

Email:        ProgrammeOfficerHPBC@highpeak.gov.uk

Tel:             01538 395400 ext 4137

Address     Programme Offcer

                    High Peak Borough Council

                    Buxton Town Hall

                    Market Place



                    SK17 6 EL

Appointment of Inspector

The Secretary of State has appointed Mr M Moore BA (Hons) MRTPI CMILT MCIHT as Inspector for the High Peak Local Plan examination.

Latest News

The examination hearing sessions started on Tuesday 13 January 2015 and these sessions were closed on 5 February 2015. Full details of the hearing sessions are on the Examination Library. (ref P8,Q & R).

Following additional work undertaken by the Council on housing land supply as a result of discussions that took place at the hearing sessions the Inspector has invited participants to comment on the following documents prepared by the Council.

  • The alternative 5 year housing land supply calculations, incorporating more recent information on house completions and commitments.  (Document R30, updated 3/2/2015).  The Council indicated that in its view Table 1b was the appropriate assessment to use.
  • The housing trajectory spreadsheet (Document R38, updated 9/2/2015).
  • Additional information on windfall rates for housing (Documents R42, R43 & R44).

The Programme Officer has written to all relevant participants inviting comments to be submitted by 24 February. The comments submitted are in the Examination Library (ref S1-12). The Council will respond by 10 March 2015.

The Inspector has written to the Council the regarding 2012 based sub national household projections and how they should be addressed, the main modifications and the site at Woodhead Road Glossop (ref P12).

The Examination Library will be updated as information becomes available. Please check regularly for updates.

The following additional information is available in the Examination Library

  • Updates to the Submission documents
  • Inspector Correspondence (ref P)
  • Statement and Correspondence from Participants.  (ref Q)
  • Hearing Sessions Documents (ref R)
  • Post hearing Submission documents - responses to Councils revised housing trajectory/five year land supply calculation (ref S)
  • Response to implications of Government's Road Investment Strategy on the Local Plan (ref T1)