Last year’s Plum Fair (2013), the 20th, was the last. The ever-popular event held on the second Sunday of September grew from tiny beginnings to become one of Glossopdale’s premier events attracting hundreds of visitors. But a reducing number of volunteers to organise the Fair has finally meant that the curtain has had to fall.


The Fair started off as a small village get-together featuring children’s games and competitions. As the years went by the organisers’ ambitions grew. From Sheila’s diner to hog roasts and a licensed bar, craft stalls and fairground rides the Temple Street recreation ground saw some remarkable things. Brass bands, Morris dancers, local bands, the tug-o-war, the human fruit machine…the list goes on.


But it all required an increasing amount of organisation. Permits from the council; health and safety risk assessments; insurances; food hygiene certificates.


Then there was the fundraising to pay for it all – marquees and portaloos cost an arm and a leg. And many people spent hundreds of hours organising sponsorship and programme adverts, delivering programmes, selling raffle tickets, and so much more. 


Plum Fair Co-ordinator Janis Birchall said “When the Plum Fair first began, I don’t think any of us dreamed it would go on for twenty years! It took about five years of ups and downs to develop and I think it was the ethos that evolved over those initial years that enabled it not only to survive, while other local fairs were disappearing, but to grow stronger year by year. It was a true community event: not-for-profit family fun and essentially home-grown in Padfield.


The group who organised the fair was a strong close-knit group. Its members respected one another and just had fun putting on the event. When that group dispersed the end of the Plum Fair was in sight. It has struggled on over the last five years, but has grown so big that the original home-grown ethos has evaporated and there is now little pleasure in the organisation of such a huge event. It has become overly inclusive of charity stalls and commercial interests, none of which are based in our village. Even the plums have had to be imported of late!


I really hope that a new Padfield group will emerge in the not too distant future, with new ideas for its community. I am sure the members will enjoy the friendships that develop and perhaps a village event might grow from their enthusiasm, just as it did from us twenty years ago. We need the ideas and energy of a younger generation in the Residents’ Society and I urge Padfield villagers to step up and treat themselves to some community fun.

Otherwise our village will be a poorer place, and you will miss out on some great times!”


Sunday September 8th


Padfield Plum Fair 2013 - Results

Redgate Coal Race 2013


Men     (previous record 28.5secs – Dan Brockington)

1st       Jack Vose                              Team Peels                           34.4 secs

2nd      James Casulli                        Unattached                            37.3 secs

3rd      Neil McGraw                          Glossopdale-Pennine           38.2 secs

4th       Sam Duckworth                     Glossopdale Carriers           39.3 secs

5th       Jake Rowarth                        Glossopdale Carriers           39.9 secs

6th       Dom Bradbury                       Glossopdale Carriers           40.3 secs

7th       Thomas Skelton                    Glossopdale-Pennine           41.6 secs

8th       Ben Aitkin                              Team Peels                          44.3 secs

9th       James Smith                         Unattached                            44.4 secs

9th       John Doyle                             Glossopdale-Pennine           44.4 secs

11th     Paul Higginbottom                Unattached                            49.4 secs

12th     Ben Royle                              Team Peels                           52.5 secs


Ladies (previous record 35.8 secs – Lindsey Mayers)

1st       Becky Miller                           Evade                                     36.6 secs

2nd      Caitlin Rice                            Glossopdale-Pennine           41.9 secs

3rd        Julie Soboljew                       Unattached                            57.7 secs


Team event    previous record (1min 39.1 secs – Better Luck Next Time)

1st       Glossopdale Carriers                       1 min 59.5 secs

2nd      Glossopdale-Pennine                       2 min 1.6 secs

3rd      Team Peels                                       2 min 51.2 secs


Plum Pie Competition

Adult winner               Jo Bleaden   

Junior Winner            Molly Astley               


Children’s Model Garden Competition


6 years and under                 Amelia Wilson

7-9 years                                Kate Coley

10-12 years                           No entrants



                                                                                                                        Ticket no:

1st        £100                                  Jenny Kelloch                                    001637

2nd       Fruit Hamper                         B.F. Murphy                                       000128

3rd        Food Hamper                        B Cooper                                           000537

4th        Rotary Tool Kit                       Martin Woolley                                   002509

5th        Whiskey                                 Siddall                                                002348

6th        Tesco voucher                       Ted Woodhgouse                             002165

7th        Co-op voucher                       Julie Valentine                                   001671

8th        Mobile phone                         Jackie Howard                                  002808

9th        Chocs and sherry                  Amy Knibbs                                       000376

10th     Tea and biscuits                    Phil and Wanda Power                    002610




Floral Display

1.         113 Platt Street

2.         143 Platt Street

3.         16 Post Street

4.         31 Platt Street

5.         151 Padfield Main Road

6.         50 Platt Street

7.         21 Lees Row

8.         106 Padfield Main Road

9.         9 Temple Avenue

10.       1 Lees Row

Junior Scamper


Boys   James Stubbs           9:31 (2011)

Girls    Jasmine Palmer        9:28 (2011)


8 – 11years:

Boys   Elliot Meylan              8:18 (2008)

Girls    Sara Warhurst           9:49 (2011)


Full results can be seen on




Men     Nicholas Barber        35:55 (2009)

Ladies Caitlin Rice               42:33 New record


Full results can be seen on



Pictures from the day

For more pictures visit Janis's picsaweb

Programme of Events

Plum Pie Competition & Grand Draw

The Coal Race

Padfield Scamper (fell race)

Tug O War competition & History of Plum Fair

Children’s Model Garden Competition

Padfield Floral Competition

Plum Fair Safety information


Programme of Events

1.00p.m.    Opening of the 20th Padfield Plum Fair

1.15p.m.    Plum Fair Scamper and Junior Scamper start

1.30p.m.    Chapel Morris Men

2.00p.m.    Plum Pie Competition in Sheila’s Diner

3.00p.m.    Children’s Model Garden Competition prizes

3.30p.m.    Tug—O—War

4.00p.m.    Presentation of Scamper Prizes    

4.30p.m.    Raffle Draw and presentation of prizes

5.00p.m.    Grande Finale—the famous Redgate Coal Race


Residents are requested to use their parking permits on 8th September and to REFRAIN FROM PARKING in the lay-by next to the Recreation Ground on Temple Street between 9am and 6pm.

Fair Ground apparatus will be in operation and large crowds of people may congregate in the lay-by. The Residents’ Society will not be responsible for

damage to cars.

Temple Street will be closed to traffic from 9.00a.m. till 6.00p.m.

Platt Street (from Post Street to Redgate) will be closed to traffic from 12.00p.m. till 6.00p.m

Redgate will be closed to traffic from 12.00p.m. till 6.00p.m. On the above named streets, there will be resident only parking. Permits must be displayed. Visitors are requested to please consider residents and emergency access when parking in other areas of the village.

Please help us by taking your litter home.  Thank you.


Plum Pie Competition & How to Enter

Sponsored by Windy Harbour Hotel


Pies must be bought to the café in the marquee by 1.30pm.  Please bake your pie on a foil plate as dishes cannot be returned.  Judging will take place at 2pm.  There is no entry fee for the competition however pies will become the property of the organisers and will be sold in the café on the day. 

1st prize to the baker of the best Plum Pie is a 3-course Sunday lunch for two courtesy of Windy Harbour Hotel.

Children’s competition: 

Plum Pies entered by Under 12’s will be judged in the Children’s competition 1st Prize = gift voucher. Get Baking!


The Famous Redgate Coal Race

Sponsored by Pearsons Fuel

With its origins in the 1950s and 60s this 150 metre long race up Redgate is a real  muscle burner.  Picture on the right is ‘Where’s Harry ‘ the current Team Winner award holders.  I am told again this year we may see the return of a previous record holder.  Come and see the challenge. To Enter: Fill out a form at the Residents’ Society stand.


The Padfield Plum Fair Scamper & Junior Scamper

The Padfield Plum Fair Scamper has established itself as a popular event in fell-running circles. It’s gruelling 5.5 mile course with 900ft of ascent (not to mention the tricky descent) is entered in the Fell Runners’ Association’s calendar and is run under FRA rules. Make sure you are at the Fair early to give the runners a good send-off on their brave journey when the starter’s gun goes off at 1.15. No doubt the winners will be supping a pint in the beer tent by 2pm! Minimum age for entrants is 16 yrs on the day of the race.

Juniors, aged 6yr – 15yrs, can enter the Junior Scamper and run from Padfield to Windy Harbour Farm and back.  Junior categories are under 16, under 14, under 12, and under 10. Juniors aged 6-8 must be accompanied on the race by a responsible adult. 


If you haven’t already entered your race please complete an entry form at the race gazebo well before the race starts. Please try to register early for races and competitions.

That helps us to stick to the programme and get things going on time.  Cost to enter Adult scamper £4 or Junior £1.50. The Adult Scamper starts at 1.15pm and it is important that you go to the Residents’ Society stand to register well before the race if you have not preregistered with the race organiser.



The Tug O War will be judged by Phil Power and starts at 3.30pm.  You will need a team of 6 adults—with your team name .  Entry fee of £2 per team to be given to Phil Power before the competition.  Phil will award a great prize to the members of the winning team.



Children’s Model Garden Competition

Sponsored and Judged by Cllr Ellie Wilcox

Can you make a model garden?  It’s not too hard.  Have a go and enter it into the Model Garden Competition! You can make your garden in a shoe box lid, or on a small baking tray, or anything that will hold it all and keep it safe as you carry it to the Plum Fair.

Don’t make it too big—remember that ‘model’ means small….and the best things come in small packages?


Bring your garden to the Residents’ Society stall on Plum Fair day.  Make sure you bring it to the stall before 3pm to enter the competition. (Age Categories: 6 years &  under, 7-9 years, and 10-12 years.) Presentation of Prizes by Cllr Ellie Wilcox at 3pm.


Padfield Floral Competition

Sponsored by Wimberry Hill Garden Centre

Every year, Padfield Residents’ Society holds a floral competition. The display of flowers outside each resident’s house is judged on 2 occasions by a panel of volunteer judges. Points are awarded for composition, use of colour and originality. The marks are added together and prizes are awarded to the green-fingered residents who get the 3 highest marks. The prizes are awarded at approx 4.30 pm at the Plum Fair. Last year’s winner was 31 Platt Street.

Prizes in the form of  Garden Centre Vouchers;

1st Prize  £15      2nd Prize  £10      3rd Prize  £5


Safety on the day

In order to ensure your safety on Plum Fair day it has been necessary to increase road closures and introduce parking restrictions. Residents who live on streets that are closed will be issued with a parking permit. Initially one permit per household will be delivered to your door. There will be some police presence and by displaying your permit in your windscreen, you will ensure that your parking will not cause attention. It is hoped that these measures will make things easier for residents and will ensure that there is access to the village for emergency vehicles. The road closures will be effective on Redgate, Temple Street, and Platt Street from its junction with Post Street to Redgate.


For full information please refer to the Plum Fair printed programme delivered to every household in Padfield.