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Tuesday Club Trip out

Here's a few photos from a recent trip out for the tunnel!


Padfield Impromptu

A marvellous evening of song, drama, prose and musical interludes meant that £182.89 was raised towards the building work needed in the vestry. See the note above :-

Thank you to all those who attended, performed or helped out in any way.Get practising for 2017!


2014 - Floral Competition

Well done to all those green-fingered Padfielders - the village looked lovely last year and Spring is definitely in the air again!

Last summer the following residents were recognised as having the best floral display in the village.

1st - 61 Platt Street

2nd - 62 Post Street

3rd - 49 Platt Street

A special award goes to the Winterbottoms for the splendid wild-flower verge on Padfield Main Road.

Well done to all those who take their time to brighten up the village! Keep it up!

Here's some pictures from some Christmas activities at the end of 2014.


Christmas Dinner with all the trimmings was served at the Peel's for all of Padfield's senior citizens. A lovely occasion with smashing singing from the children at Padfield Primary School. Thank you to everyone who made a contribution.



Tuesday Club on Tour...

On the 17th July the Tuesday Club went to the Anderton Boat Lift.

The Happy Explorers!

Tuesday Club is open to everyone and we meet every Tuesday at the Chapel on Temple Street between 11.00 and 12.00 noon. Come along and get to know some other Padfielders!

Janis Birchall



Copies of the excellent guide to Padfield’s history are still available priced just £15.00. Copies are available in several local outlets - or just speak to one of the Resident's Society.  

Join us or get in touch...

Padfield Residents’ Committee meets on the second Monday of each month at the Peel’s Arms at 8.00pm.  Just come along.  Want to find out more? Contact our Chairman, Roger Ambler on 862096, Janis on 861542, our Editor Steve on 865891 or visit our website:


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